The current rates for membership are displayed below. Training in movement martial arts such as Aikido is a long process; there are no bi-weekly stripe awards to cross off a list. Aikido training is a different "product" from what many people expect from martial arts.

Students of Arundel Aikikai are members of our dojo community, and encouraged to attend every and any class they can make. Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings! If you're a member come to as many Aikido martial arts classes as you can! If you want to see what it's all about, come to as many Aikido martial arts classes as you can!



Mat fee / Drop-in rate (click to pay online)$10.00per person, per session
Annual dojo fee (click to pay online)$120.00per family, due each spring
Testing free for color belts (click to pay online)$25.00per student, per belt test


Monthly dojo membership dues (click to pay online)$100.00per month
Family discount$50.00per each additional family member, up to family maximum
Family maximum$200.00family maximum regardless of  the number of family members training