Martial Arts

Our martial arts are taught with energy and enthusiasm; we love what we do! Curriculum is nonlinear as each student demonstrates improvement in 5 core milestones of martial arts.  Students can test for rank, but are not required to do so to learn more advanced things. The goal of our martial arts training is to provide instruction and training space for students to learn the basic core competencies of martial arts movement. The goal for our students is for them to advance beyond technique!

You Defense

In teaching self-defense, our goal is to provide the training, challenges, and safe spaces needed to empower communities and individuals to define who they are and create with they need to defend themselves. Students will learn strikes, blocks, locks, and throws.  In You Defense, however, students take self-defense past the punch & beyond the block!  The goal of You Defense is to empower students to defend all areas of their lives where they face attack, not just their body. The martial arts concepts at the heart of You Defense are used to empower the defense students' Whole-Self!

Movement You

The Movement YOU program offers balance and movement exercises classes.  The intended students are individuals and/or their care-partners living with chronic medical conditions impacting their movement. The goal of these classes is to provide stability and balance for the minds and bodies of students.  Movement YOU teaches students how to create balance, stability, and motion by applying the core shapes of Aikido; the triangle, circle, and square. Balance and exercises also teach students how to use partners for safety and added challenges.  


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