Martial Arts Students

Regular Classes

Our martial arts classes are open to individuals at least 10 years of age or older. Aikido's approach to generating power allows a smaller person to be effective against a larger attacker.  Many of our students are parent-child pairs who train together!

Focused Classes

Because a sense of well-being and safety in one's own body should be available to everyone, we also work to offer martial arts classes for unique populations which may need specific considerations or spaces to most effectively gain the benefits of martial arts training.  These classes can be created for those with mental health or trauma histories, physical or medical challenges, or a variety of other needs.

Martial Arts Classes

Our classes generally follow a pattern of prepare, train, and finish.  Each class involves creating a training space, stretching and basics, and an examination of techniques.  Classes are never exactly the same, and feedback is encouraged!


  • Prepare the space: If practice mats need to be laid down, we "build-a-dojo!"
  • Prepare our minds: Reiho, or the bowing in ceremony 
  • Prepare our bodies: stretching and warmup


  • Basic drills, techniques, or concepts
  • Tumbling or other basic movements
  • Full techniques or situation


  • Bow-out of class
  • Reflection or discussion on class content
  • Put any supplies or mats away

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