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The philosophy of Aikido looks to empower you to be at peace, in balance, and in control of how you move through your own physical and mental "space." Soft Aikido movements and meaningful drills offer many ways of learning and building your "center," while basic martial arts breathing imbues motion with stability and strength. A hallmark of Aikido is it's partner-based practice. There are no long and elaborate forms to memorize or fancy footwork to practice by yourself. Rather, Aikido focuses on application of basic movements inside and in-between small spaces. Movements and drills are often done in pairs to fully explore the balance and strength in your positions and in your partners'. This empowers spouses or supporters of those with movement needs to become active participants in movement therapy in a direct and mutually beneficial way.

Movement YOU is the bold belief that martial arts principles which harmonize balance, breathing, and movement can be made accessible to those who need it most. Movement YOU is the practice of relationships and bodies growing stronger and more balanced together. Movement YOU is something I sincerely hope can bring you fully in control of your "space!"

I hope to join YOU in moving!

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