Movement YOU

The Movement YOU program offers balance and movement exercises classes.  The intended students are individuals and/or their care-partners living with chronic medical conditions impacting their movement. The goal of these classes is to provide stability and balance for the minds and bodies of students.  Movement YOU teaches students how to create balance, stability, and motion by applying the core shapes of Aikido; the triangle, circle, and square. Balance and exercises also teach students how to use partners for safety and added challenges.  


Movement YOU Students

There's no right or wrong student for Movement YOU.  To get the most out of the classes however, students should be...

  • Able to move with mild to moderate assistance
  • Have some kind of barrier or challenge to their movements such as;
    • Early to mid-stage movement disorders
    • Mild to moderate bone, joint, or connective tissue conditions
    • Other situation or chronic conditions impacting movement or balance
    • Physical injury impacting movement or balance
  • Or be someone living with or caring for an individual with the above!  In Movement YOU, we're in this together!


Movement YOU Classes

Movement YOU classes are customizable, but follow a core curriculum or content pattern. They can be delivered:

  • In single-event presentation (discussion and presentation focused, minimal physical learning)
  • In single-event group seminars
  • In multi-evening or multi-day sessions

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