Private Martial Arts Training


Arundel Aikikai provides empowerment self-defense training through private or semi-private martial arts lessons. If you are interested in private martial arts training you are encouraged to find me on Thumbtack or  contact me via our website.

There are many reasons a student might be interested in private training, and almost as many places a student might fine personal trainers. My goal is to understand your self-defense challenges and empower you to become your own best defender through targeted and guided martial arts training.  As such, my service model is more similar to therapy than personal fitness training. The therapeutic approach builds (or rebuilds) your capacity to be centered and controlled when attacked.  Because of this our martial arts private lessons are not just workouts. Private martial arts training with Arundel Aikikai is a transformation of your movement, mind, and body.

The Details

Training content and cost


Private training follows a general introduction to the core martial arts concepts and principles of Aikido.  Specific situations or techniques are examined through basic martial arts movement patterns grounded in the concepts and principles Aikido.  Through this simple approach to martial movement students can build and apply the body-memory patterns needed to effectively address their self-defense, self-awareness, or self-expression challenges.

The techniques resulting from application of these core concepts to movement are basic and powerful. Students will discover how their movements block or divert strikes such as kicks or punches. Students practice countering or controlling an grabs or holds from attacks. Most importantly, students learn ways to create the martially effective stability and power of Aikido throughout all their movements.

Training Sessions

Our first lesson(s) follow a standard curriculum designed to function as an introduction to core marital arts principles. The classes are explorations of ways these basic concepts and simple movements can either immediately address most self-defense situations or how they create strong foundations from which to build future movements. Training sessions are 90 minutes each and all include some combination of the following:

A discussion of lesson content and check-in on progress

Warm-up, stretching, and preparatory exercises

Technical practice of the lesson content or concepts

Application practice of lesson content to specific situations or attacks

Practice patterns or exercises for student self-study

Free Estimates

Before beginning private training we meet with you to ensure training creates meaningful learning opportunities.  This meeting functions as a free estimate for interested or potential students.  The meeting helps me get to know you and your needs and also gives you a chance to learn about me.  The meeting generally takes about 45 minutes to one hour, and there is no obligation to schedule lessons.  Should you wish to schedule training after this meeting, you can do so at your convenience.


Lessons can be purchased on a single-session basis at full cost, or purchased in packages of 2, 4, or 6.  Lessons purchased in a package are discounted.  Regardless of the number of lessons purchased (individual lessons or lesson packages), additional students can be added to private lessons at half-price. Additional price reductions or payment plans may be available depending on student situation. As always, contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I\'m happy to connect you to answers!

See the tables below for additional information.

SESSION PRICEFirst ParticipantAdditional Participant(s)
Rate per session$75$37.50

For example, if purchasing a one-time session for 2 students, the price would be $112.50.

BULK DISCOUNTSFirst ParticipantAdditional Participant(s)
2 Sessions, 10% discount ($67.50/Session)$135.00$67.50
4 Sessions, 20% discount ($60.00/Session)$240.00$120.00
6 Sessions, 30% discount ($52.50/Session)$315.00$157.50

For example, if 2 people are purchasing 4 sessions, the total price would be $360.00


Payment for training sessions must be made before the first session.  Payment can be made in-person via check, cash, or all major credit cards. Payment can also be made online with PayPal and major credit-cards. Payment is non-refundable and is due at the time of service.


Scheduling lessons can be handled at the time of the assessment, or on an as-needed basis. Students purchasing lesson packages (2, 4, or 6 lessons) can reserve their training days and times in advance and receive priority scheduling. Training session must be scheduled at least 5 days in advance. Should you need to reschedule or change an already confirmed session, please contact me at least 24 hours in advance.


There is no fee or penalty for rescheduling if done at least 24 hours in advance. Private lessons not cancelled 24 hours in advance are billed at full-cost.


Contact me for answers

As always, if you have any questions you are encouraged to contact me.  You can email me a contact form, or call me directly at the information at the bottom of this page. I would be happy to connect you to answers!