If you are interested in private martial arts training, you can find us on Thumbtack, or  Contact Us through our website to schedule an assessment. Our core content is providing instruction in movement martial arts; to provide instruction and support for individuals to realize how strong and effective they can be through training focused on core movement mechanics. Our core method is to be a martial arts movement; to be accessible, open, and available. 

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own body and in control of your own space.  However, not everyone can attend classes at a Dojo or in group setting. Private training with Arundel Aikikai is focused on delivering goal-oriented empowerment self-defense training to our community.  Training with us will likely improve your health and fitness, but that’s not our core focus.  As such, our service model is more like therapeutic approaches rather than personal training and physical fitness services. Our primary goal is to understand your challenges and empower you – through targeted and guided martial arts training - to become your own, best defender. Because of this, it’s not a workout; it’s a transformation.

 To ensure training is as focused on creating meaningful and impactful learning, we meet with you to identify your challenges, your situations, and your goals for training. Should you wish to schedule lessons after this meeting, you can do so at that time or any later time via phone or email.

Private sessions focus on teaching core martial arts concepts.  From how to evaluate a martial arts studio or instructor to how to apply core martial arts principles to your life, private sessions offer flexibility and customization to meet your needs.