You Defense is the belief that students – not instructors – are experts in their own lives, and instructors are guides journeying with the student. You Defense empowers you to call-out what threatens you, and challenges you to discover your answers.

You Defense

Empowerment Self-Defense

The unique self-defense programming of Arundel Aikikai places participants or students in charge of their experience.  The goal of our self-defense programming is the empowerment of participants to recognize what challenges or threats they may face and empower each person to become their own best defender.

Our self-defense curriculum follows students’ realities: the content and curriculum matches the needs and situations of the students taking the class. The challenges of violence, abuse, fear, and hatred are immensely complex; no single person or instructor has “THE” answer.  

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Private Sessions

Empowerment Self-Defense training to become your own best defender; delivered on your terms and at your speed

Group Seminars

Empowerment self-defense seminars customized to meed the needs of your organization or community