Martial Arts Group Seminars

Bring it on: You Defense Information Sessions

Contact us to schedule information sessions for empowerment self-defense.  Whether you've got a skeptical community or would like to inspire confidence in others; empowerment self-defense presentations are an effective way of opening eyes to the dangers, issues and problems facing us all. The first step in finding a solution is to realize the problem.

Contact us to connect to empowerment self-defense. Learn self-defense from a curriculum that learns from you first.  You Defense empowerment self-defense seminars follow core guidelines, and are customized to account for the unique needs of each group of participants.  Discover the strength of an empowered you.

Contact us to set up private classes focused on your community.  There's many reasons you or your community might not feel safe or secure attending martial arts classes in a traditional facility.  I believe everyone should have access to a safe community, and am happy to bring the benefits of martial arts training to your place of safety.

Contact us to set up Aikido cross training sessions for your existing martial arts dojo.  Whether Aikido ukemi/falling, Aikido weapons take-aways, or applying Aikido concepts to your existing self-defense curriculum, we are happy to connect Aikido to you and your students!

Movement and Balance Seminars

Lets' Move - Movement You Info Sessions

Contact us to schedule a Movement You presentation for your community.  You will learn ways to apply Aikido movement exercises and concepts to existing exercise routines and have chances to discuss how incorporating martial arts exercise concepts can make a difference in your life. 

Contact us to schedule a hands-on Movement You training class.  Movement You specializes in bringing basic Aikido exercises and concepts into the lives of people living with movement disorders or other movement obstacles.

Contact us to schedule private Movement and Balance sessions.  We'll work with you in your home to connect you to the movement and balance benefits of Aikido.