Does Aikido train with weapons?

Wooden practice weapons — a sword (bokken), staff (jo) and knife (tanto) — are sometimes used in aikido martial arts training.  Aikido is not a dedicated weapons art, so students do not necessarily learn weapons kata like those found in jodo and iado. There are many aikido instructors who train in iaido and jodo though, and aikido students will often learn the basic attacks and movements found in these weapons arts.

The most common use of weapons in an aikido martial arts class is to demonstrate or examine an aikido martial arts concept or technique.  Many aikido martial arts techniques are based on sword techniques or movements.  As such, the movement of sword cuts can be seen throughout aikido martial arts movements in both offense and defense.

Many aikido martial arts techniques are based on neutralizing an attacker or the disarming of an attacker. Aikido techniques in response to an attack are most often practiced without the attacker wielding a weapon.  However, most aikido techniques are effective against open hand and armed attackers.

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