How can I evaluate a martial arts class I watch?

How classes are taught can tell you a lot about the dojo and the instructor(s).  Take note of how students are treated, how student questions are addressed, and how the martial arts material is presented. These are just some points to think about when looking for a place to learn martial arts. Trust yourself.

If students are forced to recite commands, mantras or statements to instill “attitudes” or “beliefs,” these are fine additional elements, but are not necessarily martial arts education.

If questions of the martial art style or instructor are discouraged this may indicate an environment that is not devoted to martial exploration, but product delivery (of “fitness” or “respect”, etc).

If the class material seems formulaic, punitive, or repetitive, the instructors may not have a broad level of experience in their own martial arts training.

If the martial arts class is focused on how movement looks instead of how a movement functions in a self-defense situation, the studio’s goals might be looking great at a tournament or demonstration and not on preparing students to successfully navigate self-defense situations.

I hope this can be useful for you. As always, contact us if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to connect you to answers!