Is there a trail period?

There is a two week trial period for anyone who wants to attend group classes at the dojo! If you are just curious about our are marital arts group or our approach to martial arts you are also warmly welcomed to observe any of our classes before starting a free trial period without that time counting towards your two free weeks.

Our attitude in practicing martial arts is a unique blend of humor, humility, and practical applications of Aikido martial arts technique.  We are interested in connecting you to what martial art group and martial art instructor works best for you, even if it is not our dojo.

The trial period is completely free of charge and long-term commitment (though you will need to sign a participation waiver!) Billing for classes is handled on a monthly basis.

Visit our calendar page to see location, date, and time information about all our regularly scheduled martial arts classes, special seminars, and any other events.

View our cost page to review pricing, discounts, and other cost and payment related information.

I hope this can be useful for you. As always, contact us if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to connect you to answers!