What are grappling martial arts?

The most commonly known of these hard style martial arts — Jiujutsu — is a classical Japanese combat martial art. Brazillian Jiujutsu should not be confused for classical Japanese Jiujutsu, though I am not knowledgeable enough to fully explain why. Hapkido, like Tae Kwon Do for Karate, could be considered a Korean adaptation of the Japanese art Aikido and functions along similar lines. These arts are almost always practices with a partner at all times, with very little drilling being done solo.

On offense, these martial arts often encourage or allow an attack to occur and generate speed, only to be trapped in a hold or break.

In defense these martial arts are practiced with full body motion and engagement, meaning the entirety of the defender responds to the entirety of the attacker instead of isolated blocks that focus on the specific attack. In applying this type of defense, the attackers’ offense is exaggerated to place them off-balance, and then be thrown, pinned, hit, or broken.

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