What are mixed martial arts or mma?

Mixed martial arts are a popular outcropping of both the combat style martial arts and sport arts martial arts mentioned above. On the combat style, many systems have cropped up that train in specific techniques picked from various martial arts and combined into a new system and/or new training approach or focus to the martial art. Brazilian Jujitsu, Chuong Nu and Wing Chung are good examples of these types of combat style focused “mixed martial arts. ”

On the sport side of mixed martial arts, the most well known arena of this is the “UFC.” Much like the combat style mixed martial arts, UFC style arts focus on individual techniques from various arts as well as rigorous training. The practitioner learns to apply a specific technique to a specific situation or simply chooses a small number of effective techniques that will reliably “win” their exchange with their attacker. Like the sport style arts above, though, UFC fighters train for specific environments that contain specific rules. The number of rules may be starkly reduced, and the existence of rules may be hidden or masked. However, each fighter is there voluntarily and seeks to “win” against the other fighter using generally approved of methods in a mutually agreed upon setting with predetermined tools or methods.

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