What martial arts involve sports?

Judo is technically a sport-focused martial art, but the most commonly known of these hard martial arts is unquestionably Olympic Style or Sport Style Tae Kwon Do. These sports focus on training students to win in competitions, with practicality of martial technique often being secondary or ignored in deference of rules and winning. Many schools practice significantly fewer forms than combat style martial arts, and the forms that are practiced were developed very recently and for the specific purpose of winning competitions with outward appearance (they have to “look cool” but are under no requirement to be effective) Some schools practice only a single form, while others practice no forms at all. As such, much of the martial value of the forms referenced above under Classical Tae Kwon Do or Karate is lost and classes become group exercise or activity focused.

On offense, the goal of these sports is to place your hand or foot on a target that your opponent wears and is legally allowed to be hit. The offensive goal is “win” a match by earning more points than the opponent, thus rewarding faster and more rapid attacks. Many such places train their students in sparring and focus on tactics that give students the best advantage / move as close to breaking the rules as possible without violating the match rules.

In defense these martial arts rely on the defender’s ability to receive the attack (such as a judo practitioner’s ability to fall or the Tae Kwon Do practitioner’s wearing of pads alongside of protective rules). Defense is primarily directed to reducing the number of points earned by the opponent while presenting the best chance to earn points in subsequent attacks by the defender.

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