Why should I learn martial arts?

Only you can answer this question! Do you want to train just for something fun to do or just for fitness? Do you just want to build general confidence and increase a sense of discipline? Do you want a specific object or title, such as a tangible belt, recognition or reward? Do you only care about the practicality of self-defense? Do you want to train in weapons martial arts, or open-hand martial arts?

Many martial arts studios are focused on non-martial arts elements. A quick survey reveals catch-phrases like: discipline; respect; confidence; leadership; strength; tenacity. Schools advertise their ways to fight “bullies,” to find “balance,” or to create “leaders.” Looking at these nice sounding words and phrases though, it is evident that none of them are “martial arts.”

While it is true that training in martial arts may produce or instill the reality of these nice sounding words in you or your family, these are byproducts of training only – not the content of training. These byproducts can be arrived at through energetic and sincere practice of any longer term activity; from ice skating to interpretive dance. If your goal is to obtain these things for you or your child, the best place to start would be to follow what you or your child enjoy the most. Discovering these things from a foundation of honest joy will produce much more authentic and lasting results.

When looking for martial arts training, focus on locating a school that finds joy in the martial arts and focuses on the martial arts. Every lap run, round of jumping-jacks, or push-ups completed are moments spent apart from actual “martial arts” learning.

I hope this can be useful for you. As always, contact us if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to connect you to answers!