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What is "You Defense?"

You Defense is a transformative self-defense experience!  It is a self-defense course combining training in rich and universal martial arts concepts with transformative scientific insights from neurological, psychological, and sociological research.

You Defense self-defense courses can be customized for any individuals or communities.  They use innovative curriculum and instruction to build awareness and critical insights, into the reality of the attack situations which may confront us in physical, mental, relational, social, and even cultural ways.

You Defense uses a core martial arts curriculum designed to create independence, autonomy, and empowerment in students, preparing them to call-out and face the challenges of their attack situations.


Empowerment Self-Defense

You Defense is guided by empowerment - a focus on the building the students' strength, independence, and autonomy.  The challenges of violence, abuse, fear, and hatred are immensely complex; no single person has "the" answer.  However, I believe the potential to find answers to these challenges is absolutely there within the beautiful diversity of the human experience!  You Defense seeks to empower you to call-out what challenges you, and to discover your answers!

You Defense believes that self-defense courses should "do no harm" physically or emotionally, to the students who take them. Self-defense curriculum should follow students' realities; content should match the students taking the class. You Defense is the belief that students are experts in their own lives, and instructors are guides journeying with the student. 

The guiding principles of You defense focus on the right to empowered freedom. Anyone who is attacked is free from fault, and is therefore free of blame. You have the sole rights to you, your boundaries, and your actions. You are empowered in your defense, and are free to choose to defend yourself or to choose to not take defensive measures. without any loss of freedom from fault and blame.


Why not "self-" defense? 

A central philosophy of You Defense is the simple truth of "I am not you.

My situations and problems are not your situations and problems; therefore my solutions cannot automatically be your solutions. 

To truly teach self-defense courses, the students must be in charge of defining their needs and goals. If a class teaches physical "self-defense" without this awareness, the class is merely "body defense" (if you have the same body type as the instructor!) At best, such a class is effectively useless for preparing you to defend your safety in your situations.  At worse, it can be incredibly damaging to the core of who you are.

You Defense curriculum is customized by asking questions about you. The martial arts course content generated by these questions is taught collaboratively, and expanded to all areas of your life through group discussions and mock-situations.  Student feedback is obtained throughout the course, ensuring the course provides training appropriate for where you are.  


Why empowerment?

Analyzing crime data indicate the presence of a subtle, cultural violence surrounding our lives.  This violence impacts our physical safety in many direct ways, yet it cannot be countered by physical self-defense. You can physically fight off a rapist, but you cannot punch rape-culture away, no matter how personally appealing that may seem.  The goal of empowerment self-defense is to create strong and independent humans, people who are able to defend their bodies as well as their identities.  These empowered individuals are the best suited to fight for situational, relational, social, and even cultural justice!

In general, we are safer than ever!  Almost all measures for crime show significant decreases, and there's been a consistent reduction in measures for over a decade. Even rape and other sexual violence crimes are showing a decrease of 63% over the last decade or so.  However - while all crime rates are indeed falling - the rate of decline in murders, rapes, and other sexual violence is a minimal decrease compared to other types of crime. The crimes in this category are not committed for personal pleasure or profit; they are pure expressions of violent control over another human. The intractability of these crimes while others show stark declines point to our cultural problem.  Empowerment self-defense courses are the only product providing an answer to both the physical and cultural threats.


You Defense Solutions

You Defense classes dedicate their time to teaching practical and effective self-defense content.  Courses use a variety of teaching strategies to convey its curriculum in unique and memorable ways.  If you don't remember self-defense content, it isn't practical or effective self-defense!

You Defense teaches all physical elements of the course through core martial arts concepts.  Familiarity with these concepts allows a student to be incredibly effective in physical defense without needing to remember exact techniques, steps, or "stuff." The martial arts techniques of You Defense - grounded in core martial arts concepts - are simple and basic.  Because of their simplicity and close relationship to the martial arts concepts guiding the course. 

Throughout the course, group discussions with students challenge them to apply the physical concepts to their lives and situations. To ensure practicality and effectiveness, both physical exercises and group discussions are guided psychological and sociological data concerning how we function when under stress or attacked.

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