Arundel Aikikai

Anne Arundel County, MD

Movement Martial Arts

At Arundel Aikikai we connect people to the benefits of training in movement martial arts. In our martial arts, empowerment self-defense, and movement and balances classes, students train in martial arts movement mechanics.  Our goal is to connect students to the strength of their center, to move from their center with structure and shape, and to remain centered throughout their movements.

Martial Arts Movement

We also strive to be a martial arts movement.  Instructors of martial arts should practice with joy and humility. Training should not be about money, but a meaningful, personal, martial arts journey for every student. If you are interested in experiencing martial arts without meanness, you are interested in our martial arts movement!

Capital Aikikai

Silver Spring, MD

Logo of Capital Aikikai

Our dojo is a member of the Capital Aikikai.  headquartered at 923 Sligo Ave, Silver Spring MD.  To say I have enjoyed training and learning with them would be a drastic understatement. Use these posts to learn about who they are and where they are located. If you join our dojo or another one in the area, I certainly hope to have the chance to work out with you on their wide and welcoming mats!

Clyde Takeguchi Shihan is the founder and director of Capital Aikikai. Takeguchi Sensei is a shichidan — a seventh degree black belt — and a Hombu-certified shihan instructor. He began his study of aikido in 1958 in his native Hawaii. In addition to founding Capital Aikikai in 1973, Takeguchi sensei founded the aikido clubs in Madison, WI, and Charleston, SC. He has taught aikido at the police departments in Honolulu and Madison, as well as at the US Customs Academy in Washington, DC.

There are many additional skilled martial artists and martial arts instructors associated with Capital Aikikai. We do our best to have guest instructors as often as time and students allow.

The Aikikai

Tokyo, Japan

For folks new to Aikido, the Aikikai is the original Aikido association.  The Aikikai is headquartered (Hombu) in Japan.  On the Aikikai website, it notes:

“Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art created during the 1920s by Morihei Ueshiba, an expert who reached the highest level of mastery in the classical Japanese Martial Arts. Officially recognized by the Japanese government in 1940, the Aikikai Foundation is the parent organization for the development and popularization of Aikido throughout the world.”

The Aikikai is led by the doshu, the living relative of Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido. Moriteru Ueshiba Doshu, who is the Doshu writes:

“The Founder said it was more important to harmonize with people than to win by depending on power. Switching from ‘skills of fighting’ to ‘harmony’ is the purpose of training. Love is all “Ki (life energy)” based on “En No Ugoki (circle movement)”, “Irimi (entering)”, “DoChuSei (quietness in turmoil)” and “Chushin (immovable center)” to train our skills with each other. There is no conflict in this training. Aikido is “a way to absolute self-accomplishment.” … I will continue to strive and to cherish the spirit of harmony, eliminating the walls of country, race and religion, to make an effort to have this great Aikido appreciated by a great number of people. Also, I hope I will contribute to the society as much as possible through Aikido.”