Movement and Balance

Movement You

Movement You is the bold belief that martial arts principles which harmonize balance, breathing, and movement can be made accessible to those who need it most. Movement You is the practice of relationships and bodies growing stronger and more balanced together. Movement You is something I sincerely hope can bring you fully in control of your space and look forward to joining you in motion!

Balance and Exercise Curriculum for Movement Disorders

Movement You courses teach participants ways to apply the shapes of Aikido – triangles, circles, and squares – to increase their postural stability and quality of life .  These classes focus on connecting people to the balance and movement benefits of martial arts. The balance and movement exercises work to make the experiences and practice of Aikido accessible for a wide range of people from individuals looking for general low impact exercise to individuals with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease. The physical and philosophical goals of Aikido look to empower students to be at peace, in balance, and in control of how you move through your own physical and mental space. Soft Aikido movements and meaningful drills offer many ways of learning and building your center, while basic martial arts breathing imbues motion with stability and strength.

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