Arundel Aikikai Programs

Arundel Aikikai connects people to the benefits of martial arts training through martial arts training, empowerment self-defense education, and movement and balance classes. We strive to make all our training opportunities open and accessible.  You are encouraged to contact us if you would like to know more about any of our programs. We would be happy to connect you to answers!


Martial Arts

Arundel Aikikai offers training in martial arts through dojo membership and our regular weekly classes, special seminars, and private training. All our martial arts classes are taught with enthusiasm and joy, and are open to all skill levels and experience.


Our self-defense lessons adapt a core curriculum to meet student needs. Instruction methods are trauma-informed and training includes ways students can continue practicing on their own. Classes are available in group sessions, educational seminar, and private lessons.

Movement & Balance

We offer low-impact movement and balance classes to connect our communities to the benefits of martial arts practice. Participants learn martial arts concepts and practice patterns to increase balance and stability.  Classes are available or groups, outreach seminars, and private training.