Arundel Aikikai programs make the benefits of martial arts available to those who may otherwise be excluded.  Whether through a safe dojo space, customized self-defense curriculum, or balance and movement classes; the programs of Arundel Aikikai bring movement martial arts to you!

Martial Arts

Train in Aikido; a martial art of basic movement.  Discover how powerful you can become by leaving competition, sports, and egos behind!

 You Defense

Self-defense curriculum guided by Aikido concepts, grounded in universal martial arts principles, and taught with core martial arts techniques. The empowerment of every student is the goal of You Defense.

Movement You

Aikido-inspired movement and balance classes for those with movement disorders or challenges. The goal of Movement You is to use the benefits of simple, collaborative martial arts exercises to empower participants' bodies to move effectively in their daily lives. 

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