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At Arundel Aikikai our goal is connecting people to the benefits of martial arts training. Our programs are what we do to connect our community to the benefits of martial arts training. Our services are how we work to realize these goals in the lives of those around us. 

Arundel Aikikai programs are grounded in the fundamental movement mechanics of effective martial arts; the foundations of the martial art of aikido. We strive to make all our training opportunities open and accessible. From our regular aikido martial arts classes in our dojo to private lessons and special seminars; all of our programming is created in collaboration with participants. We are travelers on our own martial arts journeys; our programming is designed to share the joy of the journey with each other. 

In our martial arts programming we do our best to follow the ideals of budo; “martial-way” or “martial-path.”  Every journey requires a path on which to travel. Everything we do in training should be centered around what will best help participants recognize and traverse their martial-path. 

We hope that — when training with us — you will notice the social and cultural distractions of competitiveness, meanness, and petty machismo often found in martial arts studios are happily absent from our training mat. I find none of these to be appealing or useful in teaching effective martial arts techniques and concepts. Certainly neither helps you begin or follow your martial-arts path; a road I sincerely hope we may walk together!

The programming in You Defense is all focused on a singular goal; helping participants grow into being their own, best-defender.  You-Defense is empowerment self-defense programming, a radically different kind of self-defense. 

Through You Defense programming we connect participants to the empowering benefits of martial arts in their mental, physical, situational, relational, and cultural realities.  

The goal of Movement  You is to improve the quality of life for individuals living with movement disorders or other mobility challenges by connecting them and/or their support teams to the benefits of martial arts training.

The particular benefits of martial arts training focused on in Movement You sessions are: building stable stances and improving gait; strengthening balance awareness and abilities; encouraging fluidity of movement; and learning whole-body responses to every-day movement challenges.

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