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Dojo Membership FAQs

You – yes YOU – are awesome.  Stay true to your compass of happiness as you walk your path in life.  I hope our martial arts paths may cross for a time as you explore the way of Aikido with us!

The following are answers to questions which we frequently encounter (martial arts FAQs if you will) and other martial arts information you might find useful.

Use these questions to get a sense of what we do (connect people to movement martial art of aikido) and how we do it (by being supportive, engaging, and authentic).

We hold regular aikido martial arts classes at the Severna Park Community Center The Severna Park Community Center is located at: 

623 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
Severna Park, MD 21146

We offer regular martial arts classes at the Severna Park Community Center two times per week. Aikido classes are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. 

Visit our calendar to view our full schedule of classes and events. Special activities such as testing and seminars at our headquarters dojo,Capital Aikikai, are also posted on our calendar.

With Aikido martial arts classes at Arundel Aikikai every class is unique. No two classes are ever the same!

That said, there’s a general pattern we follow in our martial arts classes. First we bow-in to officially start the class. Then, we work through warm ups and basic exercises. Next we practice tumbling and falling. Examination or exploration of technique is the next activity, followed by the final wrap-up and bowing-out.

Our goal in training is not to show students “the steps” or sequences of a technique, though this will happen over time.  We structure classes around training students to create unlimited techniques by  applying Aikido movement mechanics in response to any (infinite) attacks.

At Arundel Aikikai there is no contract and you never need to sign a long-term commitment. The only paperwork required concerns participation waivers.  

Martial arts are inherently dangerous to learn for many reasons. While we train in a safe and supportive environment with a kind and compassionate (and ADHD-inspired) methodology, there is no way to guarantee safety.  

Signing the participation waiver is required before you participate in any classes with us, including the any during your free trial period. The waiver is not a billing agreement or payment contract.

If you plan on trying out a class, having a signed waiver ready-to-go will save you some time. To view, download, and/or print our martial arts participation waiver, you can do so here

There is a 2 week free trial period for all new students.  Interested students are encouraged to take advantage of our two week free trial period before deciding if aikido – and our dojo – are a good fit for you.

There is no obligation to join or long term commitment needed to take advantage of this free trial period.  Simply show up and join in! The free trial starts whenever you decide to join us on the mat.  If you’d like to watch a class first, that will not count against your free trial period!

If you would like to become a member after this period simply begin monthly payments; no additional contracts or long-term commitments are required. Whenever you join the first monthly payment can be prorated to account for the free trial period.  

I do not require any particular uniform for students (other than please don’t be naked, that iks definitely a requirement!). If you already have a martial arts uniform (gi) from another studio or martial art style you are absolutely welcomed to wear it! If you don’t have a uniform or are new to martial arts a suggestion would be to wear whatever you normally would wear to the gym.

Specific recommdations would be long or short sleeve T-shirts are fine for the upper body and long work-out pants/sweat pants (no shorts). You may find shorts to be inappropriate for some stretches and possibly lead to awkwardness while moving around the practice mat. Additionally, for safety reasons you should be prepared to remove any watches, larger rings, and any lare and loose pendants or earrings.

I hope this can be useful for you. As always, contact us if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to connect you to answers!

You are not required to purchase any special supplies or uniforms. You can workout in your regular gym clothes and can use dojo weapons and equipment when needed.

If you would like to purchase supplies you can do so through our dojo or from any vendor of your choice. Buying supplies through our dojo store supports our work and is therefore welcomed, but students are absolutely free to purchase supplies from whatever vendor they choose.

The best place to view our monthly cost is on our cost page.  That section of our website lists our current prices and options. 

We offer discounts on our monthly dojo memberships to ensure our community has access to the benefits of martial arts training. Money should never be a barrier to connecting to the training to feel safe in your body, mind, and/our soul. 

Automatic discounts or reduced rates are applied to families training together as well as children (17 and under) training on their own/without another family member. There is also a large discount applied to anyone paying for a full year/12 months of monthly membership. 

In addition to these existing price reductions, we know “life happens,” in both the good and the not-as-good.  From loss of employment, unexpected expenses, and budgeting on fixed incomes, life has plenty of challenges for us.  We have flexible discounts and price reductions available to make sure life’s challenges don’t block you from accessing martial arts training that might help you navigate through life’s not-so-good developments.

If you have specific discount or price reduction questions you can view our discount page, or contact us with the form below. We are happy to connect you to answers. 

In addition to monthly membership fees, there is an annual dojo fee. This fee covers membership in our parent organization, Capital Aikikai as well as contributions to dojo maintenance.  This fee is collected for each participating household annually in the Spring.

Should you want to do so, you can test for rank through our dojo and/or Capital Aikikai.  Payment for testing is handled at the time of testing. Testing costs for colored belts is $20 (payable to Arundel Aikikai).  Testing for Kyu (white belt rankings) or Dan (black belt) rank is handled through Capital Aikikai.  Testing for Kyu rank is generally $30, while Dan testing is generally around $200. However, check their website for most recent prices and testing schedules if you’re interested in learning more.

Membership dues, equipment purchases, and other payments can be made in person or online. 

In-person we always accept cash and check made payable to Arundel Aikikai or Christian Noll. Credit card payments in person may be accepted via Square reader depending on reader availability at the activity, event, or service. 

Payment for membership and most services can also be submitted online through our dojo store. Additionally, you can pay online via Zelle or PayPal transfers to christian@arundelaikikai.com.

Private Lesson FAQs

We offer private lessons for interested individuals and groups.

Private lessons are for individuals, and semi-private lessons are for small groups such as couples, families, or other closed groups (i.e. book club, girl scout troop, etc.)

If you are ready to begin private lessons just contact us to get started with your free planning assessment and estimate! There is no cost or commitment to begin private martial arts lessons during this free assessment. 

There is always a free assessment meeting for anyone scheduling private martial arts lessons for the first time. This assessment meeting is completely free, and there is no obligation to purchase or schedule any lessons after this meeting. This meeting lets you get to know me and tell me about your goals for private martial arts training.  If you are interested in beginning aikido-centered private martial arts lessons, contact us to schedule a free assessment!

Private martial arts training is hard to summarize, as we create unique training approaches for each person based on the initial assessment.  To get a sense of what martial arts training with us is like, I recommend checking out our testimonials or contacting us to set up a free estimate 


We hold private and semi-private martial arts lessons directly at your location: your home or your facility. All equipment needed for training is transported to you. If your location is not available or suitable, private lessons can be held in my home (at no additional cost) or at our dojo facility (scheduling students or groups would then be responsible for the facility rental fee).

When purchasing and scheduling private martial arts lessons in bulk, the cost per training hour is comparable to hiring a personal trainer or other personal fitness provider. View our cost section to see the current rates, costs, and discounts. 


As always, if you have any questions or concerns you are encouraged to contact us. We will be happy to connect you to answers!

You can find contact resources on our contact page by clicking the “Contact” button below.

You can also contact us directly from this page by submitting the Quick Contact form below. 

We look forward to connecting you to answers, and hope we are able to join you on your martial arts journey!

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