Discounts & Reduced Rates

We offer several discounts and reduced price options for our aikido martial arts training. 

The base prices set for our rates, supplies, and services help us achieve our goal of connecting people to the benefits of movement martial arts. If it’s not financially difficult for you to pay the base rate, you are encouraged to do so. However, to be a martial arts movement, money cannot be a barrier to training. 

Life – with all the good events and not-as-good events that come with it – happens to us all. Contact us with any questions about these discounts and reduced rates.  We will be happy to connect you answers. I hope we can join you on your martial arts journey soon! 

Contact Us

As always, if you have any questions or concerns you are encouraged to contact us. We will be happy to connect you to answers!

You can find contact resources on our contact page by clicking the “Contact” button below.

You can also contact us directly from this page by submitting the Quick Contact form below. 

We look forward to connecting you to answers, and hope we are able to join you on your martial arts journey!

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