Our Services

At Arundel Aikikai our goal is connecting people to the benefits of martial arts training. Our programs are what we do in our communities to work towards this goal. Our services are how we connect our communities to the benefits of martial arts training: regular martial arts classes at our dojo; private/semi-private lessons; and special seminars or training. To learn more about our services, expand the sections below. 

Arundel Aikikai services are delivered from the perspective of our martial arts movement. The focus is people over profits. Many studios offering martial arts do so from a retail approach to business. While not inherently wrong as a business model, commerce is not what we care about.  Our sights are set on collaborating with colleagues on martial arts journeys. I hope we have the chance to join you on yours!

  • Our dojo classes are open to all.  Stop by to watch or join in!
  • The first 2 weeks of martial arts classes are a FREE trial, with no obligation to join or continue.
  • Payment is month-to-month f you want to keep training in martial arts with us after your free trial, there is no contract or long-term commitment.
  • Classes are ongoing, so there is no enrollment period or fees, just show up and train when you can.
  • Classes are mixed age and skill level, giving students a diverse training experience.
  • Classes are open to all levels of experience, with beginners especially encouraged.  
  • Private lessons can be scheduled for martial arts training, empowerment self-defense, and/or balance and exercise.
  • We bring the dojo’s training environment to you through private sessions in your home or at your facility. 
  • There is a FREE consultation before beginning private lessons, with no obligation to begin after the consultation.
  • Discounts for multiple attendees and cheaper bulk rates are available.
  • Single instance events at other dojo or facilities for cross-training purposes.
  • Educational presentations or seminars for groups or organizations.
  • Training and activities classes for organizations

Contact Us

As always, if you have any questions or concerns you are encouraged to contact us. We will be happy to connect you to answers!

You can find contact resources on our contact page by clicking the “Contact” button below.

You can also contact us directly from this page by submitting the Quick Contact form below. 

We look forward to connecting you to answers, and hope we are able to join you on your martial arts journey!

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