Christian Noll so skillfully injects humor into every training session that you might not realize how much you've learned until you're done for the day …I would definitely recommend taking aikido here, no matter who you are or where you are in life.

Jeff Dojo member

Exciting stuff, Christian is an awesome teacher, and everyone has an all-around fun time… I can say my confidence has definitely increased. If you don't at least give this class a try, you're missing for sure!

Audrey Dojo member

Christian Noll is an excellent teacher. As slow as it seems, you are actually in warp drive! … I can look forward to the challenge and fun of life-long Aikido because of the great foundation I received at Arundel Aikikai.

Eve Dojo member, always

Christian is helping me to physically learn how to assess a situation and respond in a smart way. ... (We) started with the theory and basics to build on, he moved at a pace that worked for me, and he continually checked in as we progressed with the lesson.  I am already feeling more empowered and in charge of my body.  I look forward to continuing these lessons and discovering my internal strength.

Sam Private lessons