The hallmark of Aikido is connection. Arundel Aikikai uses seminar format classes to introduce others to the power of connection in practice and instruction.

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Aikido Martial Arts Seminars

Our martial arts seminars are excellent for cross-training martial artists or introducing novices to a wide array of martial arts. Seminars focused on cross training are ideal opportunities to connect your students to the vertical balance, fluid motion, solid movement mechanics, and weapons techniques and take-aways of Aikido. For groups looking to learn about martial arts, our introduction to martial arts provides a robust overview of styles and arts with a goal of connecting participants to what best fits their needs.

Empowerment Self-Defense Seminars

Our self-defense seminars focus on empowerment.  The goal of these seminars it to help participants realize they are their own, best-defender. Curriculum for empowerment seminars range from conflict transformation to physical self-defense. Seminars can weave together topics ranging from martial arts, biology, neurology, mental health, political science, and cross-cultural communication,   These self-defense seminars transform understandings of violence and introduce people to the possibility of their empowered future.

Balance and Movement Seminars

Balance and movement seminars introduce participants to Aikido stretches, warm-ups, and exercises designed to connect them with the stability found only in their centers. Through learning and practicing basic Aikido concepts, participants will learn new ways to transform their movements from arms and legs into a stable unit powered by their center.  Participants will learn ways this movement and balance transformation can brought to existing exercise routines and daily tasks.

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