Welcome to Arundel Aikikai, a unique martial arts organization providing training for the Annapolis and greater Anne Arundel County area of Maryland.  We work to make the benefits of martial arts training accessible to our community through our programming in classical martial arts, empowerment self-defense education, and movement and balance classes.  We deliver our programming through traditional group classes, educational seminars, and private training sessions. Our classes are grounded in kindness, and taught with enthusiasm, excitement, and joyful energy.  Contact us if you have any questions, and I hope we can join you on your martial arts journey.

Martial Arts

Dojo Membership

Our dojo provides a unique martial arts training experience. We explore martial arts together with humor and kindness. Martial arts classes are open and ongoing Martial arts training involves the movement-mechanics and core-concepts of classical martial in warm-ups, basic techniques, forms, weapons, and multi-attacker situations.

Discover Our Dojo


Whether cross-training another dojo in Aikido weapons and tactics or learning ways to apply Aikido concepts to another martial arts style's movements, Arundel Aikikai seminars connect your training community to the benefits of martial arts movement mechanics.  Arundel Aikikai cross-training seminars give students of all skill-levels renewed interest in training and new perspectives on their martial arts journey.

Expand Your Training

Private Training

Connect to meaningful martial arts training on your own terms.  Through private training with Arundel Aikikai, you can bring the dojo directly to your home or community.  Private training sessions area available for individuals and small groups and can be scheduled at your convenience after an initial assessment offered free of charge and with no obligation to schedule any lessons.  Through private training, we provide a customized experience and flexible curriculum based on your situation and needs.

Your Martial Arts Journey

Empowerment Self-Defense

Group Classes

Bring the transformative experience of empowerment self-defense to your community through Arundel Aikikai's You-Defense classes. Empowerment self-defense classes place students in full control of who they are and what they need. Training is equally centered on strengthening self-awareness and self-appreciation, on building students' independence in martial arts, identity, and mental health, and growing strong and supportive interdependent communities.

Empower Your Community


Empowerment self-defense seminars offer a top-down learning experience for attendees, reframing the way they see the world, restructuring how they experience conflict, and releasing them to become their own best defenders.  Each seminar experience is customized to meet the specific situations and needs of each group, with curriculum finalized in cooperation with the scheduling individual or organization.

Empower Your Community

Private Empowerment

Private empowerment self-defense training blends focused martial arts training with individualized growth. Training is focused on carefully growing student abilities to identify threats to their body, mind, and soul while simultaneously empowering them - through targeted martial arts training, body awareness, and mindfulness - to be their own, best-defender.

Empower Yourself

Movement and Balance

Group Classes

Arundel Aikikai's movement and balance classes connect your community to the benefits of martial arts basics.  Classes provide opportunities for participants to learn a wide array of martial arts exercises benefiting flexibility, strength, balance, body awareness, and mindfulness in a supportive setting.

Move Your Community


Movement and balance seminars offer a top-down learning experience for attendees, offering a window into the world of martial arts training and its potential benefits.  Seminars can be for general groups or targeted to introduce movement and balance professionals to martial arts exercises.  Each seminar experience is customized to meet the specific situations and needs of each group, with curriculum finalized in cooperation with the scheduling individual or organization.

Move On

Private Exercise

Private movement and balance training combines the benefits of martial arts movement and having a work-out partner.  Students are shown stretches and exercises to practice on their own, but also have the instructor working with them throughout each stretch and exercise.

Move Yourself


Aikido martial arts classes are held in the main building of the Severna Park Community Center, located at 623 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, Severna Park, MD 21146.


Visit our calendar page to see our current schedule of martial arts training opportunities including classes, seminars, and special events.


Our mission is to connect our community to meaningful martial arts experiences.  Visit our cost page to view our services and prices.

If you have any questions or concerns  contact us and we will be happy to connect you to answers. We hope to see you in training soon!