Private Lessons

Arundel Aikikai offers private and semi-private training sessions for folks looking for customized curriculum and individualized instruction. My goals in private training sessions are to understand your specific needs and situations, match you with appropriate curriculum to guide your training, and to join you on your martial arts journey as we train together. Private lesson curriculum areas can range from specific martial arts, to empowerment focused self-defense, to balance and movement workouts.

In order to best match your needs with training approaches I meet with interested individuals for an intake assessment.   In addition to helping me understand what you are looking for, this gives you a chance to get a better sense of who I am, what I do, how I do it, and if it will be a good fit for you. This assessment is free and there is no obligation or commitment to schedule training sessions afterwards.

If you would like to schedule a free assessment or just want more information about private training, you are encouraged to contact me through our website.  If it is more convenient, you can also request a quote for self-defense lessons on on Thumbtack.

Martial Arts

Private training in martial arts is an excellent way to quickly meet specific martial arts training goals on your terms in an environment of your choosing. In private training I bring the dojo to you and join you in your training.  Specific training content varies, but is all focused on bringing students closer to understanding and mastering their martial art.

Empowerment Self-Defense

If you are facing specific self-defense challenges in our life, private empowerment self-defense training may be a useful path for you.  Unlike martial arts training, these lessons are oriented around specific situations and challenges chosen by the client.  Meditation, mindfulness, and mental health concepts are all strongly interwoven in physical training to grow your abilities in recognizing and responding to whatever threats you face.

Movement and Balance

Private training in movement and balance applies the basic concepts and exercises of Aikido and other martial arts to your own exercises and daily challenges.  From breathing and weight shifting to centering and core stability, these private lessons are an excellent way to increase your stability and strength.