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Welcome to Arundel Aikikai, a unique martial arts organization providing training for the Annapolis and greater Anne Arundel County area of Maryland.  We work to make the benefits of martial arts training accessible to our community through our programming in classical martial arts, empowerment self-defense education, and movement and balance classes.  We deliver our programming through traditional group classes, educational seminars, and private training sessions. Our classes are grounded in kindness, and taught with enthusiasm, excitement, and joyful energy. 
 Contact us if you have any questions, and I hope we can join you on your martial arts journey.

Arundel Aikikai Programs

Martial Arts

Classical martial arts training in Aikido and Karate

You Defense

Empowerment Self-Defense training and education

Movement You

Exercises for balance and controlled movements



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My son is very shy and isn't into sports. He tried the free two-week trial and after that he was hooked. Instructor Christian is absolutely perfect with his way of teaching. My son understands what he's saying and enjoys Instructor Christian humor too. I'm so blessed that we found this class and I would recommend it to anyone.
Kim G.
Parent, Dojo Member
As my mind is learning to set boundaries and stand up for myself, Christian is helping me to physically learn how to assess a situation and respond in a smart way.  This is not a typical self-defense class.  This is a re-training of my mind to better understand the physical forces at work, so I can then retrain my body to respond in a most efficient way.  He came to my house for the lesson (it is hard to leave with 3 kids at home), he started with the theory and basics to build on, he moved at a pace that worked for me, and he continually checked in as we progressed with the lesson.  I am already feeling more empowered and in charge of my body.  I look forward to continuing these lessons and discovering my internal strength.  Thanks, Christian!
Private Lesson Student
This course has helped me recognize and respond to uncomfortable and overwhelming situations but simulating them on a much smaller scale. For example, I never thought I’d know what to do if I was attacked by multiple assailants. However, after this course I am quite comfortable in this situation now
PHE228 Participant



443 758 8708

Weekly Aikido classes at the Severna Park Community Center
623 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd. Severna Park, MD 21146