Our Mission

To empower students in the martial arts concepts and techniques of aikido. To provide an open and safe place for sincere training, focusing especially on those who may otherwise be excluded.

Our Values

For martial arts dojo to be places of empowerment creating connected and centered individuals, able to identify and oppose fear and violence within their own lives and their communities

Our Goals

To equip students to identify and survive self-defense situations. To empower our students and communities to make sound choices when pursuing martial arts education.

Our Services

Connect to the Japanese martial art of Aikido. Train to be centered and calm while entering into attacks, taking away weapons, or facing multiple attackers. Through the martial art of Aikido, you will learn to be the calm center of any storm.

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Private martial arts training focused on your self-defense.  Sessions focus on teaching basic martial arts principles and concepts. Private self-training follows a general martial arts curriculum that can be customized to accommodate the unique goals and situations of students.

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Empower yourself, your organization, or your community. Whether training to resist rape-culture,  to reaffirm self-defense after surviving sexual assault, or to restore your balance from Parkinson's Disease; our experiential martial arts seminars and group exercise classes connect you to your empowered future.

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Our Programs

Martial arts training focused on effective movement regardless of your situation.  Discover martial arts training that moves beyond the limitations of technique.

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Empowerment self-defense programming designed to listen to what participants need while providing spaces for students to drive curriculum content. Empowerment Self-Defense sessions can be scheduled for individuals, groups, organizations, or any community looking to identify meaningful and practical ways to grow into their best futures.

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Balance and movement classes designed to empower your exercise and daily life through the application of martial arts concepts and movement mechanics. Movement and balance classes can be scheduled for individuals, groups, organizations, or any community looking to connect the tested principles and methods of martial arts to their daily movement challenges, exercise regimens, or treatment plans. 

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Our Dojo


Self-defense situations are not games, sports, or competitions. If you train to compete, you'll be playing a game when faced with a true attack. Without training doubts take place; so train. We train students to survive; to enter into and blend with attacks and not to compete or win.

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You can buy uniforms from our store or wear your own.  We're happy to sell you practice weapons, but you are welcome to use what we have in our dojo. You can practice for years without required testing, or attend classes focused on rank. We focus on martial arts; not profits and sales.

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Martial Arts

Curriculum is ongoing and enrollment is open; start whenever you're ready for the challenge. Classes are 90 minutes and include set-up, stretching, basics, and curriculum.  Instruction follows flipped-classroom approach; time in the dojo is spent creating active-learning moments, not push-ups and punishments. 

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Our Location

Aikido martial arts classes are held in the main building of the Severna Park Community Center, located at 623 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, Severna Park, MD 21146. Check with the center\'s amazing front desk staff if you\'ve got questions when you arrive. If you\'re running late though, no worries.  Come on in and train!

Our Details

Our Location

Our dojo - located in Severna Park MD - currently holds aikido classes at the Severna Park Community Center. The center is located directly off of route 2 at 623 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, Severna Park, MD 21146.  Private lessons and seminars can be held at most any location!

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Our Schedule

Regular Aikido classes are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Private lessons and seminars can be scheduled days, evenings, and weekends outside of these times. View our calendar to stay up-to-date on class times, group trips, and other events!

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Our Cost

Visit our store to view the most up-to-date prices for our services and pay online! All new students can attend 2 weeks free of charge during a free trial. Dojo membership costs $100 per student at full-price and is paid monthly without long-term contracts or commitments.  Families can include additional members at $50 per family member.  Our drop-in rate is $10. Money should never be a barrier to training. If you want to train but are experiencing financial barriers, contact us for more information.

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Our Schedule

You can find our schedule of our classes, seminars, trips, and events on this Google Calendar.  Classes are ongoing with open enrollment. There\'s no need to join a specific class or sign up for a period of time.  We\'ll be here working out and exploring Aikido - you\'re more than welcome to join in!

Our Prices

Our goal is to make the benefits of martial arts training accessible, and cost is certainly a factor. If you're unsure about affordability for you or your situation, please contact us to discuss options!


Mat fee / Drop-in rate (click to pay online)$10.00per person, per session
Annual dojo fee (click to pay online)$120.00per family, due each spring
Testing free for color belts (click to pay online)$25.00per student, per belt test


Monthly dojo membership dues (click to pay online)$100.00per month
Family discount$50.00per each additional family member, up to family maximum
Family maximum$200.00family maximum regardless of the number of family members training