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Posts describing the importance of creating an active learning environment for our martial arts movement.

Martial Arts Mechanics

In our martial arts, we focus on the basics and fundamentals of martial movement found in Aikido. Our martial arts are taught with energy and enthusiasm; we love what we do! Curriculum is nonlinear as each student (and the instructor) work

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Training Method

Flipped-Learning We do our best to focus on learning and applying the core elements of motion that make the martial art of Aikido work.  We don’t spend a lot of time on the distracting “stuff” such as “where do I

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Training Approach

At Arundel Aikikai, our approach to studying martial arts is focused, practical, open, and enthusiastic!  Focused Spend dojo time focused on martial arts, not focused on fitness!  We seek to create a unique training environment, or at least a rare

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