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Posts which contain information and insights into our martial arts training environment and teaching methods which might be useful for new students or for folks who want to see what our martial arts movement is all about.

If – when you think of martial arts classes – the first thing you picture involves shouting martial arts instructors, angry pajamas, and abuse… you’re in for a surprise with martial arts at Arundel Aikikai.  We teach martial arts with …

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In our martial arts, we focus on the basics and fundamentals of martial movement found in Aikido. Our martial arts are taught with energy and enthusiasm; we love what we do! Curriculum is nonlinear as each student (and the instructor) work …

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Onegaishimasu! Good greetings, and welcome to martial arts with Arundel Aikikai! Our humble instruction and kind approach set us apart from many area studios.  I experienced this environment in my first Aikido instructor.  I’m happy to be able to pass along …

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Milestone 5: Centered There is no spoon (?) There is a wonderful scene in the 1999 film, the Matrix, where a young student teaches the hero to look past the superficial to see the truth of what makes things really …

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 Milestone Four: Connection Witchcraft! Aikido-Jedi-Mind-Tricks! When you attack, are you soft and fluid, or rigid and quick?  When defending, are you able to move slowly and calmly with freedom, or do you move quickly and suddenly? Are you able to …

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 Milestone Three: Energy What goes around, ALWAYS comes around Do you demonstrate aware, sincere, and controlled attacks? As you practice ukemi (tumbling, falling, rolling, receiving attacks), are you aware of your shape and your movements?  Is your ukemi soft and fluid? …

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