Enjoy Your Training

If – when you think of martial arts classes – the first thing you picture involves shouting martial arts instructors, angry pajamas, and abuse… you’re in for a surprise with martial arts at Arundel Aikikai.  We teach martial arts with a kind attitude and a contagious enjoyment of our martial arts content. 

I love studying martial arts!  I cherish the unique experiences and learning opportunities of honest training. I love martial arts on a content-level. Most of all, I love opening the door to others’ martial arts journeys. You can experience pushups, group fitness, and/or needless abuse at other martial arts businesses if that’s what you’re looking for! 

Each martial arts class we teach is unique, but follows the same basic patterns.  Our educational approach could be considered “flipped,” spending martial arts dojo time critically examining marital arts content with the instructor and your peers. Our attitude in training is open, kind, and contagious!

Our primary approach to measuring student skill is through tracking progress in martial arts milestones. Students can test for rank if they wish, but testing or not testing for martial arts rank does not keep students from learning any content!  Arundel Aikikai offers color-belt testing for it’s youth and teen students.  Teen and adult students can test for internationally recognized martial arts rank in Aikido through our parent dojo, Capital Aikikai.  Martial arts rank obtained through testing at Capital Aikikai is officially recognized by the Aikikai in Japan. 

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