Minimalism in Martial Arts

Our martial arts focus here at Arundel Aikikai is the Japanese martial art of Aikido. Aikido is a martial art of minimalism; it seeks to use the least amount of energy, effort, strength, speed, and work to stop attackers. If you're new to Aikido, I'm thrilled you're considering learning Aikido with us.  If you're new to martial arts, I'm humbled and honored that you're thinking of Aikido as a starting point for your martial arts journey! Training in martial arts is a wonderful and amazing experience.  There are a lot of styles, teachers, and choices out there!

Martial arts, when taught and studied correctly, are an immensely beneficial and rewarding pursuit.  When taught incorrectly or the teaching method is inappropriate for the student, they are less beneficial, and may even be harmful!.  A large part of our website is dedicated to educating you - as a consumer - about martial arts, martial arts instructions, and martial arts businesses.  Whether you study martial arts with us at Arundel Aikikai or find another martial arts studio that meets your needs better, I have found the martial arts journey to be meaningful beyond measure. I wish the same for you!