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Posts which contain information and insights into our martial arts training environment and teaching methods which might be useful for new students or for folks who want to see what our martial arts movement is all about.

Martial Movement

Milestone Two: Motion Just keep moving … Just keep moving! In responding to attack, are you able to keep your structure and shape intact throughout movement?  Are you able to change your shape to meet the needs of your situation?

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Shape your Foundations

Milestone One: Shape(s) Circles! Triangles! Squares!  Oh Myyyyyyyyyyyyy! Are you able to create a cohesive and stable structure out of your body’s various parts, unting your arms and legs with your center (hara)?  Can your body recognize the core shapes

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Martial Arts Milestones

These milestones are some of the core areas of martial arts content every martial artist works on improving. We are all on the same martial arts learning curve; the same loop of success and frustration.  These aren’t improved on a straight line, but

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Kyu and Dan Testing

Adult students can test for aikido martial arts rank (kyu rank / white belts) through Capital Aikikai.Testing at Capital Aikikai is officially recognized by Hombu Dojo / The Aikikai. Capital Aikikai hosts Aikido tests for martial arts rank roughly three

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Pre-Kyu Testing

Testing for belts or rank is completely optional with our training; our non-linear approach to teaching and training provides learning moments for every student at every class.  Younger students are invited to test for solid-color belts through Arundel Aikikai.  Test

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Training Method

Flipped-Learning We do our best to focus on learning and applying the core elements of motion that make the martial art of Aikido work.  We don’t spend a lot of time on the distracting “stuff” such as “where do I

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