Kyu and Dan Testing

Adult students can test for aikido martial arts rank (kyu rank / white belts) through Capital Aikikai.Testing at Capital Aikikai is officially recognized by Hombu Dojo / The Aikikai.

Capital Aikikai hosts Aikido tests for martial arts rank roughly three times per year.  Costs are generally around $30 for Kyu ranks, but check their website for the current rates.  Additionally, if you’re testing you’ll need to fill out an application for rank.  You can view Capital Aikikai’s testing information here.

Capital Aikido Federation Kyu & Dan Ranks

5th Kyu


4th Kyu 

 (60 practice days)
(80 practice days)
Shomenuchi Ikkyo (omote/ura) Shomenuchi Nikkyo (omote/ura)
Shomenuchi Iriminage Yokomenuchi Shihonage (omote/ura)
Katatetori Shihonage (omote/ura) Tsuki Iriminage
Ryotetori Tenchinage Ushiro Tekubi Sankyo (omote/ura)
Tsuki Kotegaeshi Ushiro Ryokatatori Kotegaeshi
Ushiro Tekubitori Kotegaeshi Suwari Waza:
Morotetori Kokyuho    • Shomenuchi Ikkyo
    • Katatori Nikkyo (omote/ura)
    • Katatori Sankyo 

3rd Kyu


2nd Kyu 

 (100 practice days)
(200 practice days)
Yokomenuchi Iriminage (two ways) Shomenuchi Shihonage
Yokomenuchi Kotegaeshi Shomenuchi Kaitennage
Tsuki Kaitennage Yokomenuchi Gokyo
Ushiro Ryokatatori Sankyo (omote/ura) Ushiro Tekubitori Shihonage
Morotetori Iriminage (two ways) Ushiro Tekubitori Jujinage
Shomenuchi Sankyo (omote/ura) Ushiro Kubishime Koshinage
Suwari Waza: Morotetori Nikkyo
  • Shomenuchi Iriminage Hanmi-Handachi:
  • Shomenuchi Nikkyo (omote/ura)    • Shomenuchi Iriminage
Hanmi-Handachi:   • Katatetori Nikkyo
  • Katatetori Shihonage   • Yokomenuchi Kotegaeshi
  • Katatetori Kaitennage (uchi and soto mawari) Tachitori & Jotori: Shomenuchi/Tsuki 
Tachitori & Jotori: Shomenuchi/Tsuki  Freestyle – two people

1st Kyu 



(300 practice days)
(400 practice days)
Katatori Menuchi – five techniques  All of 1st Kyu requirements 
Yokomenuchi – five techniques  Tachitori 
Morotetori – five techniques  Jotori 
Shomenuchi – five techniques         Henkawaza** 
Ryotetori – five techniques  Freestyle – four people
Koshinage – five techniques   
Hanmi-Handachi (Ushiro Waza – five techniques)   
Tachitori & Jotori   
Freestyle – three people   
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