Training Rules

Training Rules

When we train in martial arts, a space that allows us to make mistakes safely is critical. In a real sense, institutions that train individuals for any kind of combat or violence are truly some of the original “safe spaces” of the world – while learning any combat art, your teachers and fellow students may be harsh, but are not actually trying to kill you. The rules of our dojo are fairly simple, and place you — the student — in control of much of what you do and experience. 

Stay Safe

If you fear for you safety or life, you will likely not learn very much.

Have Fun

If you are not able to enjoy what you do, you will likely not learn very much.

Learn Aikido

If you stay safe and have fun while working out with us, the third rule almost happens automatically.  You learn Aikido by experiencing it’s techniques and by trying over and over again; something made possible by staying safe and having fun!