Empowerment Beliefs

The core beliefs of You Defense self-defense courses are a self-defense course must do no harm, it’s content must match the needs of the students, and it must empower students’ abilities to create unique solutions matching their needs.

Self-defense courses should do no harm to participants in mind and body

Self-defense education must do no harm to students. Self-defense courses must be delivered consistently in ways that do not harm students health, wholeness, safety, and security. 

Self-defense courses should be appropriately adaptable to student situations

Self-defense curriculum must follow student reality. Self-defense curriculum must be grounded in quantitative/objective and qualitative/subjective information about what threatens the peace, health, and safety of students.

Self-defense courses should be directed by the students

Self-defense instruction must allow students to create their answers. We are all on our own journeys to our own destinations of peace, health, and safety.  Technical instruction must be delivered in ways that give students the ability to find their own answers and to own their safety.

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