Empowerment Principles

You are Free

Freedom from fault

Attack situations impacting someone are never accidents or misfortunes. The fault, accountability, and blame for the creation of any attack situation is exclusively owned by the attacker(s)

The creation of an attack situation is always a decision by the attacker, regardless of how you were acting, what you were wearing, where you were, or what you were saying

Freedom from Blame

As a deliberate choice by the attacker, the causality of an attack situation literally cannot be caused by the victim

Placing blame for a situation or event on someone who cannot cause it is mistaken at best, and a continuation of the attack situation at worst

You have sole rights to you

You have the right to your space

  • You are in complete control of your “self;” your own body, brain,  and mind
  • You are in complete control of your relationships in your space
  • You are in complete control of your decisions in your space
  • You are in complete control of your actions your space

You have the right to your boundaries

  • You have the right to create personal boundaries and barriers to protect and shelter this individual-self
  • You have the right to control how these boundaries are drawn, and how they are protected
  • You have the right to decide if and how to communicate these boundaries to others
  • You have the right to identify words and actions that violate your boundaries and barriers
  • You have the right to be in full control of your responses when your boundaries are crossed
You are empowered

You are in control

  • You are in complete control of your responses and actions to protect your individual-self.
  • Your choices to take action or to not take action to protect your barriers are fully yours; they do not change the truth of your freedom, rights, or empowerment in any way

You are in community

  • You are empowered to form communities of mutual safety and protection
  • You are empowered to create boundaries of safety and respect in these communities, and bring these boundaries to the public sphere
  • You are empowered to communicate, validate, and respect these boundaries alongside others
The definition of fault is “responsibility for an accident or misfortune.”

The definition of responsibility is “the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.”

The definition of blame is “to assign the responsibility for a bad or unfortunate situation or phenomenon to someone or something” 

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