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Posts about our empower self-defense seminars and what makes them a uniquely valuable self-defense contribution to our community.

Empowerment Principles

You are Free Freedom from fault Attack situations impacting someone are never accidents or misfortunes. The fault, accountability, and blame for the creation of any attack situation is exclusively owned by the attacker(s) The creation of an attack situation is

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Empowerment Beliefs

The core beliefs of You Defense self-defense courses are a self-defense course must do no harm, it’s content must match the needs of the students, and it must empower students’ abilities to create unique solutions matching their needs. Self-defense courses

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Empowerment Goals

Enable the creation of student-owned content Place students in COMPLETE CONTROL of who they are Allow students to ask & answer “who are you” in their individual-self Guide students to ask & answer  “who are you” in your situational-self Challenge

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The Story of You Defense

The Story of You Defense There are so many stories behind the creation of You Defense.  From the writings of a Brazilian educator to a report of a safely resolved mugging on the streets of Baltimore; the story of You

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Neurology of Self-Defense

Bringing in Needed Neurology Connecting to how our brains process information during crisis allows us to create truly effective martial-selves.  We frequently hear the phrase “fight or flight,” but this is not a full or accurate statement. You Defense curriculum

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Grounded Self-Defense

Martial Arts Techniques Instruction in each of these areas includes: in person presentation of material, in-class exercises for individuals and for groups, and access to instructional material for out-of-class practice and reminders Moving / Blocking Students will learn basic movements

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