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Bringing in Needed Neurology Connecting to how our brains process information during crisis allows us to create truly effective martial-selves.  We frequently hear the phrase “fight or flight,” but this is not a full or accurate statement. You Defense curriculum …

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Martial Arts Techniques Instruction in each of these areas includes: in person presentation of material, in-class exercises for individuals and for groups, and access to instructional material for out-of-class practice and reminders Moving / Blocking Students will learn basic movements …

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Practical Self-Defense To be practical is “to be of, relating to, or manifested in practice or action; not theoretical or ideal.” In teaching self-defense from a foundation of the neurology and psychology of trauma, YOU Defense is deeply practical. How we process, store, …

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Linking psychological and physical training There is a fundamental paradox of self-defense instruction. If what we teach as brain and body defenses will destroy the self of the mind, we’re simply not teaching self-defense.  If what we teach isn’t simple, …

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You Defense self-defense programming offers a unique chance to challenge your ideas of who you are and what you’re capable of!  You Defense is a deeply practical re-invention of the sometimes-stale and often abusive self-defense course. Focused on You You …

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Self-defense is a vague concept; a buzz-word or a sentiment. A clarity and awareness of what threatens you is required to transform self-defense into a concrete, objective tool. Interpersonal violence is highly complex, with many causes and variables.  There are …

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